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  • Basic Form Properties and Modality in VB.NET

    A form is the most important object in VB.NET. It is where your program's users will input data. It is also where your program's results are shown. In other words, the form is the user interface. This tutorial covers basic form properties and the modality of the form in VB.NET. It is written for VB.NET beginners.
  • ASP.NET RedirectPermanent Method using C# and VB.NET

    ASP.NET 4.0 now includes a feature that developers can easily use in their search engine optimization efforts. This is called the RedirectPermanent method. This method returns a clean 301 redirect from the origin page to the new target page. In the old days of ASP.NET, doing 301 redirection was coded manually, and in some instances required access to the Microsoft IIS administration console. With the release of ASP.NET 4.0, 301 redirections can be easily implemented with a RedirectPermanent method.
  • ASP.Net Development Tips

    This tutorial highlights the different tips and techniques that a beginner can use when developing ASP.NET 4.0 websites using Visual Web Developer Express 2010 (VWD 2010).
  • How to Detect and Fix an Infected PC

    Its unfortunate that malware is not exactly showing signs of slowing down, and malware authors are getting craftier when it comes to disguising their malicious creations to help them slip under the radar. As you surf the internet, visit social networking sites, communicate via email, download files, instant message, and more on your PC, you can easily be exposed to the various types of malware making the rounds.
  • Intro to Sessions in ASP.Net

    Learning how sessions work in ASP.NET 4.0 is fundamental for any beginner developing websites. This is especially true if the site's functionality relies on retrieving user-related information on any page as the user visits the website. This article will explain what sessions are, and illustrate them with complete code examples.
  • Multiple Document Interfaces in Visual Basic

    Multiple document interface can be very useful when presenting your forms and controls in a VB.NET application project. This is a beginner tutorial on how to create a multiple document interface (MDI) project in Visual Basic 2008 (VB.NET).
  • How to Install Xampp on Windows XP

    This tutorial will teach you, in a straightforward manner, how to install Xampp (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl) on a computer using the Windows XP operating system.
  • Windows 8 Security Flaws

    Since Microsoft began offering closer looks into the future release of its Windows 8 operating system, one of the highlights of the promised improvements focuses on better security. Windows Defender, Internet Explorer, and more will supposedly offer tougher security for Windows 8 users, but will it be enough? Probably not, and here are some reasons why Windows 8 will still be vulnerable to attacks.
  • C Programming Language and UNIX Pioneer Passes Away

    As if the passing of Steve Jobs wasnt enough, the tech industry recently lost another one of its vital members and contributors when Dennis M. Ritchie passed away at the age of 70. While gone, Ritchie will certainly not be forgotten, as he leaves behind a lasting footprint with his contributions in the form of the C programming language and UNIX operating system, both of which paved the way for many of the technological advancements we enjoy today.
  • SQL Server 2008 SP3 and HP Database Enterprise Appliance

    A recent post on Microsofts SQL Server Team Blog officially announced the availability of SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 3 (SP3). The release comes approximately one year after SP2, and it offers various improvements that were made specifically in response to customer feedback.
  • Microsoft Patches Internet Explorer 9, Launches YourBrowserMatter

    Microsofts latest Patch Tuesday was one filled with fixes for vulnerabilities across the companys host of products, with Internet Explorer 9 receiving a hefty dose of attention. Included in the Patch Tuesday bulletins was an update to Internet Explorer 9 that addressed a total of eight vulnerabilities. Microsoft listed the update as “critical,” which is its most urgent rating.
  • How To Install Windows Azure

    In this tutorial you will learn how to install a fresh copy of the Microsoft Windows Azure SDK.
  • Microsft Targets Graymail and New Patch Tuesday

    October 11 brings with it yet another Patch Tuesday from Microsoft, where the software giant will release eight security bulletins aimed at addressing 23 total vulnerabilities across its products. Last weeks Microsoft Security Bulletin Advanced Notification deemed just two of the bulletins as critical, but all cover issues that certainly needed attention.
  • Silverlight Has a Bright Future

    Microsoft has been pretty mum on details when it comes to its internet plugin platform Silverlight. The software giants silence regarding the platform has many developers questioning Silverlights fate, as they wonder if their time spent on perfecting specific skills will eventually go to waste. Luckily for them, despite Microsofts relative silence, there are several factors pointing to a good future for Silverlight.
  • A Closer Look at Windows 8

    The next edition of Microsofts operating system, Windows 8, is not expected to be released until sometime next year. The lack of an official release date does not mean that pure mystery exists when it comes to the upcoming operating system, however.