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To transfer a certificate from a serveur IIS 5 to an other (English)

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The illustrated procedure of continuation extension as to transfer a certificate from a Web server To to a B Web server (is presupposed that both the serveur are Windows 2000 with Internet Information Services 5,0)
In practical we will have to export the certificate (backup of the certificate and its public key) present on the serveur To, therefore to carry out of the import on the serveur B.

Export of an existing certificate

Article HOW TO: To execute the backup of a serveur certificate of Internet Information published Services 5,0 on the situated Microsoft Product Support Services supplies complete information for:

  • the creation of one snap-in of MMC (Microsoft Management Consul) for the management of certifys to you, to realize is on the serveur in which the certificate resides to export (a) that on what it will have to accommodate (b)

  • the export of a certificate and one public key, that is the generation of backup of the certificate (rows PFX created on the serveur To; these rows will have then to be transferred on the serveur B

Import of a certificate

After to have copied rows PFX on the serveur of destination (B), we can use snap-in of MMC for the management of certifys to you in order to carry out the import:

Start of the procedure guided for the import of a 

In the wizard proposed we will have to select relative rows PFX to the certificate web that we wish to import, to ineserire the eventual one password (set up during the export), to define if the key could be exported (flag "Marks this exportable key like") and selecting the archives in which cataloguing the certificate.

To this point it does not remain us that to assign the certificate to the situated Web. From IIS, we visualize the "Property" of the situated one web (than for valid being must correspond to the situated one for which it has been rilasciato the certificate). From the card "Protection directory" we select "Certifyd serveur..." therefore to start the guided procedure of "Management certifys serveur to you Web". We complete the procedure defining as method for the allocation of the certificate "Assigns an existing certificate" and selecting from the list the certificate previously imported.

Famous: to verify that door SSL is set up (443 correctly)